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Thursday, December 08, 2005


OK. I wasn't even gonna post anything today(in a lil bit of a funk); and as usual, whenever I visit Crunk & Disorderly my whole mood changes. I am officially a "crunkhead." So while I'm there, I come across this picture of Ashanti and her lil sis. Now I don't know about you guys, but I have a big sis and she would never go anywhere with me lookin a hot ass mess. She probably wouldn't even own me, that's just how real she is with me. She loves me. But I'm wondering, why don't Ashanti love her lil sis? I mean with all the money that she makes, she could at least buy her sis some clothes that fit. I mean goddamn. Don't let her ass go out in public like that and then actually take a picture with her for everyone to see. It kinda makes me think that maybe she told her to wear that shit to disguise the fact that she done got kinda chunky her damn self(yes, I'm country az hell). Anyway that shit's just wrong. That's the typa shit that makes you wanna write a book when you grow up. Oh anda um, someone needs to tell Ashanti's lil sis that 1990 just called; and it wants its earrings back NOW.

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