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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Guess what. Guess who I got a phone call from early this morning. My Ex. Wow. It's been over a month since we spoke and he finally decides to call me. Why, I don't know. Anyway, he calls talkin a bunch of bull$hi^ bout how much he misses me and when can he come over. Hungh? Talkin explicitly bout how much he misses my round @$$ and how sexually frustrated he is, and how "backed up" he is. Like I f*ckin care. Um, ni&&a you broke up WITH ME not me with you & when you did that, you relinquised ALL RIGHTS to this good p^$$y. You will NEVA see that again playa.
And what's even funnier, (I probably should not be laughin, but u know I don't give a f^ck) he's been so down on his luck lately. Awww(sad face). He recently got fired from his job. I didn't even ask him why or how. I really don't care cause THAT'S WHAT HE GETS. To make matters worse, this ni&&a has a gang of bills to pay: I'm talkin bout student loans, insurance & car payments, mortgage, & another loan he took out to keep his @$$ from going to jail. Makes me wonder why I even f^cked wit him in the first place.
I'm feelin so good right now I can't believe it. I knew that the sun would shine down on me one day & that karma would beat the $h*t outta him. I may be wrong for takin joy in his misery but he only got what he deserved. And I deserve to have a SMILE on my face(from ear to ear). I'm wrapping this p^$$y up and storing it in a safe place till someone WORTHY comes along.(Ok, I'm done)

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