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Saturday, February 04, 2006

More Random Thoughts

So I'm searching for things on the internet today, and I decide, hey why not search my name. So I type in "AlwaysSweet" and WTF?! I came across some website with a naked white chick on it. It said somethin about who is your favorite webcam girl/hoe or somethin. I was deeply offended. What if somebody thinks that's really me? The AlwaysSweet that is always commentin on other folks blogs.(Her name was AlwaysSweet by the way). That b*tch stole my name! (then again, I might have stolen hers)Anyway, that ain't hardly ME! My ass looks much better than that. And ain't no way I'd be posing naked on some webcam for the world to see my ass. If you wanna see this, you gotta pay me. This ass ain't neva came for free.

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