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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Valentine??

I'll get right down to it. I usually dread the big V-Day unless I'm involved with someone. So I haven't been dreading it for 3 1/2 years until it came around this year. Most of you already know that I've recently gone through a big break up which I will no longer dwell on.
Yesterday started out like any normal day for me though. I wasn't sad or nothin. And guess what!! I got asked out on a date on Valentine's Day yall! Sweet hunh?(don't applaud yet though) This young, fine, sexxy thang asked me out on a date. He had been tryin to push up on me for a while now but I just couldn't give brotha man a chance because I felt like I was on the rebound; and I vowed nevva to eva hook up wit a guy eva again on the rebound (there's just too much baggage involved with doin that).
So we go to dinner(he asked for a movie & dinner but I didn't want to stay out too late because I had a class in the morning and I wanted to get back home to tell my son good night(yall know I'm a "good" girl)). But anyway, long story short, the date just went wrong.
He's a younger dude(young dudes do young thangs) so he wasn't up on my type of game. He was on some high school shit and I'm a grown ass woman so you HAFF to come correct if you go step to me. I mean he was runnin some lame ass game ALL night. It was so pitiful. Ex: He kept sayin stupid shit like "Cause you know Ima make it do whatitdo baby." (WTF!?) and "Ain't no need to be shy baby, I like you for who you are." (Fool you don't even know me. Fuck you talkin about?) This lame ass game he was runnin, I swear, he wouldn't stop. And me bein the silly willy that I am, kept lmbao(on the inside though). Man, I ain't neva been on a more funnier date. I almost spit my tea out at every line he dropped. Oh, it gets worse.
This fool thought he was gonna come inside my house yall when the date was over. (What!?) We pull up, I get out, he says "Wait, let me at least walk you to your door baby. A pretty thang like you don't need to be walkin at night all by yourself."(He would be so fine if he would just shut-tha-fuck-up. Damn!)I say "No, that's ok. It's just 5 steps." Don't you know that fool got out anyway. We're at my door, I tell him thanks, I had a great time.(not enough for him) He says "Well ain'tcha gonna open your door. I want to see that you get in safe. Hehe." (muthafuka if you don't move away from my door) "I'll be fine," I say. "I'm tryna creep in so that I don't wake my child."(lyin my ass off) He says "Ok, cool. Cana, cana nigga get a kiss or a hug or somethin?"(Um no! Now get tha hell on somewhere!) "I'm sorry, I don't do that on the first date....sorry" I said. "Oh so you don't do that." his lame ass replied. I replied (LEAVE!) "No, I don't. Sorry." He asked when could he see me again and I told him that I would give him a call today.(NOT!) Truth is, his fine ass coulda got it if he hadinov been so damn lame. Oh well.

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